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Supporting Data Management

Return on Investment...

Work management alignment will result in a 25% work reduction in inspection time

ATEX program will be applied consistently to the asset and will provide corporate and legislative compliance regarding electrical integrity assurance

Planning of visit schedule and maintenance completed in the WMS, along with the preventative and functional integrity maintenance will improve work efficiency

Reduce any backlog and mitigate by ensuring that the work management program fits with the available manning

Further enhancements will be supported in the future because your system will enable better quality and user-friendly reporting, KPI management and failure analysis

It is highly likely that Safety Critical Equipment may be identified as missing from the WMS

Improving Understanding - improved visibility and common understanding of the goals, and the system implemented, will lead to more informed feedback from the end users and hence a meaningful continuous improvement cycle which will enhance the overall performance

Overall Maintenance optimisation could improve company financial performance for a typical asset in excess of £500k over the year, every year