Process Overview

Our Software isn’t just part of the process, it is the process!

Asset Register

The key to success in any project is fully qualified and accurate data sets. Crandale utilise built-in data integrity checks to ensure your data makes sense.

Maintenance Strategy Development

We have at our disposal the latest technologies available and will propose to implement these where we consider them to benefit the plant’s maintenance regime.

Job Plans

Feedback from our clients forms a critical part of the Job Plan development cycle, allowing us to incorporate the latest technical standards and working practices.

Preventative Maintenance

Combining the Maintenance Strategy results with the Job Plans’ technical detail, the Preventive Maintenance module provides a comprehensive overview of the maintenance requirements for the entire asset..

ATEX Inspection Program Integration

Providing visibility of compliance with the regulations.



Recently reformed, with a fresh team and vision, whilst retaining its previously high level of service and solutions.


Crandale Consultants Limited (Crandale) is a privately owned consultancy specialising in supporting maintenance management programs


provides a robust solution to effectively manage and support your focus on safety and integrity maintenance


over 60 cumulative years in maintenance management consultancy


we integrate the third party inspection programs within your WMS with proprietary software and handheld technology


a small family cultured team, we aim to provide you with an open book policy


our work standards and processes are in compliance with ISO 9001 and we aim to gain certification in 2019